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Siag Chemicals Company is one of the largest manufacturers of adhesives in Egypt. The production of adhesives started in 1958. Today Siag Chemicals Company offers a variety of different glues which fully correspond to the needs of the numerous fields of application. 
Siag Chemicals Company adhesives are specially designed for the various demanding applications in woodworking manufacture, bookbinding adhesives, adhesives for cigarettes, labeling, packaging and laminating adhesives. Siag Chemicals Company adhesives are based upon Polyvinyl acetate, Casein, polyvinyl Alcohol, Starch, Vinyl Acetate Copolymers.  Siag Chemicals Company also specializes in the formulation of tailor made adhesives to satisfy specific conditions and requirements.
Wood Working Adhesives 
Ready For use P.V.A based wood glue, high solids content has a good initial adhesion and short drying time. Siag chemicals wood glue has been specially developed for all wood bonding operations. It is equally effective with soft woods and hardwoods, plywood, chipboard and veneers and with decorative laminates. It is non staining and dries to a clear translucent film. 
Bookbinding Adhesives 
Polyvinyl Acetate based adhesives are ideal for modern manufacturing processes. Siag bookbinding adhesives are designed for difficult back gluing and casing of book covers by hand, semi automatic machines. They are environmentally friendly and do not pose health risks. 
Adhesives For Cigarette Manufacture 
Siag Chemicals Company supplies a full range of water based and natural adhesives to meet the increasing demand of the cigarette industry. Siag Chemicals Company has formulated a range of products for filter tipping, side seam, filter making and for different glue applications. Ready mix tobacco compound is one of the complete and high quality ranges of Siag  cigarette manufacture adhesives. 
Packaging adhesives 
Practical solutions for a wide range of packaging applications whether forming carton cases and trays or closing them at end of line stations. Economical and environmentally friendly, an ideal solution for a wide range of substrate material . 
Labeling Adhesives 
The label fix range contains a selection of modified Casein, Dextrin and Starch based adhesives for the high speed labeling of glass bottles. Glass labeling includes applications for beers, wines and spirit bottles as well as a wide variety of glass jars. The Siag chemicals company labeling  adhesives range also comprises adhesives for use on a variety of packaging materials such as PVC, PET and cans. 
Building Sector Adhesives   
Siag Chemicals Company adhesives satisfy also the most demanding requirements in the building sector: 
  • Floor tile cement, gerwish powder compound only mixed with water form a bonding mortar on dry absorbent surfaces. White grade is also available.
  • Floor tiles paste is a dispersion suitable for fixing ceramic and mineral tiles on interior dry absorbent surfaces such as concrete, plastering, plaster boards… 
  • Multipurpose adhesives based on PVA, suitable for bonding strongly on dry absorbent surfaces such as concrete, plastering asbestos sheets, hard foam plates, fiber glass, mineral tiles and other building materials. 
  • Vinyl wall paper adhesives based on synthetic resins suitable to adhere all kinds of wall paper specially the heaviest vinyl wall paper on walls after surface preparation.
  • Vinyl  tiles, carpets and linoleum adhesives ready to use viscous emulsion based on acrylic copolymer. 
  • Wooden & parquet floor adhesive is  a high quality adhesive, easily applied used for bonding wooden and parquet floor covering to dry absorbent surfaces 
  • Wall paper adhesive, white granular powder,  soluble in cold water suitable to adhere light, medium and heavy wall paper 
  • Modified Gypsum adhesive plaster low setting time (6-8 hours) 
  • High water retention suitable for filling cavities and bonding dry walls. 
  • Powdered wall crack filler for caulking of cracks and openings in facades treatments based on synthetic water  soluble polymer and chemical additives to ensure anti fungal properties